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Lisa is OUTSTANDING. She is not only a brilliant, ambitious, self driven leader, but she’s equally a team player. Every project she touches is high quality. She pays attention to detail; how system operations effect results and efficient workflow. She’s generous with her time focused more on the impact she can create, than counting any minute. She’s volunteered often for organizations she believes in giving her all to aide them in achieving success. Working with Lisa is a gift. Her work ethic is sought after and appreciated.

— Espree Devora, founder of WeAreLATech

My PTC experience in Chicago is what catapulted my speaking career. Whether you are a seasoned speaker, learning how to master the art of storytelling, or you just can’t seem to get your thoughts together Lisa and the mastermind behind PTC will transform you in less than 6 weeks. Her communication, passion, and drive for each of her students to succeed- and her close attention to detail in execution of value she provides is unmatched. So thankful for her!

— Neeta Bhushan, former client


Lisa has proven to be a young woman of character, drive, and determination. Her work with teens and young adult mothers is to be admired. It was a privilege to work with her and to see her celebrate, cultivate and encourage young women.

— Patrice Turner, fellow volunteer

PTC could never have been a reality if it weren’t for Lisa. She is the embodiment of hustle and has always been one of my favorite colleagues to work with. She is always open to ideas, opinions and teaching others new perspectives.

— Tim Hines, fellow co-founder of Pitch Training Camp


Interviews & Press


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