I'm so glad that you've found this little space of mine online. It means a lot to me that you're here. 

Just to be sure that we're on the same page, here are a few thoughts, understandings, and policies that apply to those that are here. 

Re-Publishing Policy

If something I've written on this site resonates with you or you think it might provide value to your audience, I'm genuinely delighted.

Feel free to share a link to my site on social media or to plug it into your newsletter. 

I just ask that you reach out for permission before re-publishing it directly to your blog or website. You can send me a quick tweet or email me at hello@lisamagill.com. 

Most of the time I'm all about it, but I appreciate being asked in advance. 

Advertising & Sponsorship

There are no ads on this site. I don't write sponsored posts or paid product reviews. There are no guest posts. That's just not what this space is about. 


I know your inbox is a sacred place and I promise not to disrespect that. If you sign up for my newsletter, your details go directly into and remain secure in MailChimp and Revue.

I will never provide your email address to anyone - pinky promise.

Legal Disclaimer 

It could probably go without saying, but I'm not a doctor, a mental health professional, or anything close to it. Anything I discuss on this site is from my unique, personal perspective. It shouldn't be taken as life or medical advice.  


If you have any questions, just reach out.