Joining MovingWorlds Impact Team

Last night, on the long flight over to London from Miami, I didn’t sleep a wink. 

My laptop was glowing, my earbuds were in, and I was laser focused. I was knocking out a lesson from Acumen+ and IDEO’s Human-Centered Design course. After that, I read an interesting article about a not-so-sexy social entrepreneurship business. Then I pulled out my kindle and continued reading chapters of the Purpose Economy. 

In some ways, it’s as if I’m back in school and have a stack of homework assignments to complete. But unlike most of my school assignments growing up, I’m devouring this information with interest and curiosity.  

You see, a few weeks ago, I was accepted into the MovingWorlds Impact Team program. 

I have been following MovingWorlds, an organization that is redefining international volunteering, for a few years now. Each week they’d send me an email with an experteering project that roughly aligned with my skills and experience. 

I knew that experteering — the opportunity to travel to a new destination and work closely with entrepreneurs and businesses that were solving meaningful problems — was right up my alley.

But each time they sent me an email with a new potential project, I’d look at it and think, “one day”.  

It just seemed hard to put life on pause. I’m busy. I’ve got another trip planned. We’re moving. There’s so much going on. Now is just not the right time. 

That is until MovingWorlds announced the launch of a new program called Impact Teams. With this program, you not only commit to an experteering project, but you precluded it with a detailed curriculum intended to help you better understand your purpose, prepare to work effectively in a cross-cultural environment, and best impact the organization. 

I looked over the details and rather than think “one day” I found myself saying “if not now, when?” 

So I applied, got accepted and jumped right in.

Over the last few weeks, our cohort has been actively focused on topics such as social entrepreneurship, global leadership, and human-centered design. Together we’re preparing ourselves to go out and truly make an impact. 

I’ve learned so much already and am ironing out the details of my experteering project. I can't wait to share them with you!

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