Code Academy Update

We're more than half way through our class.  Time has flown by and I've unfortunately found it hard to keep up with blogging about our lessons and assignments each week.



Discover how to use HTML and CSS to build beautiful and intuitive web pages.


We've learned so much in the HTML & CSS class.  In the last few weeks we've focused heavily on the box model and trying to properly place various elements on a page.  We've also reviewed typography, backgrounds & gradients and lists. 


When in class it seems what we're being taught each week is simple enough.  Everything makes sense within its own lesson. But I'd say the biggest struggle is remembering the details of each previous lesson and trying to pull the overall concepts we've learned together to create an acceptable page design.  Realistically, this comes down to practice.  I wish I had more time each week to code, to practice, to create pages and challenge myself.  


User Experience Class

Design the user experience of your application in a way most people can only dream of.


I've thoroughly enjoyed everything we've learned in the UX class.  It's interesting to see the strategies that can be used to build a product that better meets the needs of your audience. I've seen just in the exercises in class how they are constructed to bring about ideas and test theories.  


We've created user models, mental models, personas and user stories to discover and express who our exact target audience will be.  


We've taken our product ideas and applied affinity diagram process, created product positioning stories and allowed others to organize our potential site content in card sorting exercises.  With each of these exercises in mind, we've started to create site maps, site flows and basic wireframes for our group projects.  




That's the name of our group project for Demo Day.  Three of us design students have partnered with two development students that are currently taking the Code Academy Rails classes have partnered together to bring you one awesome idea that will demonstrate all the skills we acquired in our 10 weeks as Code Academy students.  


Librarius is an app that will help facilitate offline book clubs, while also increasing participation with built in competition-fueling reporting.  As a book club member you'll be able to track and report how long you've read as well as how many pages.  This will continually be compared against your book club peers.  We have amazing ideas on how to build this out to be an fierce product, but with less than a month to go until Demo Day our MVP will start there. 


Mark your calendar! We'll be presenting Librarius at Demo Day on June 20th.  You should probably be there.    

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