Preparing for a Successful Conference

We're counting down the days until the eWomenNetwork annual conference. I'm so honored to be participating as Chicago's Emerging Leader and looking forward to all of the amazing events in store.  Five days with an estimated 3000 attendees guarantees valuable connections but is going to be a lot of work.  

Yesterday, the Chicago eWomenNetwork chapter held an event to help us all get prepared and maximize our conference experience. 

We had Sue Koch of Soaring Solutions provide suggestions on how to best leverage social media while at the conference.

Pat Perkins helped us with tips on how to prepare for the conference and to make sure that you're comfortable and confident while there. Three of my favorite tips were: 

  1. Be on time
  2. Dress to influence, not to impress
  3. Bring your own food! Nobody wants to be "hangry"

But it was Janice Lewis, a Chicago Life Coach with Janicetime, that presented an intriguingly different way to maximize your conference experience. With over 10 certifications in dream life coaching and personality assessment techniques, she specializes in facilitating meditation, stress management, grief support groups, personal growth retreats, spiritual guidance seminars, and more.  

Janice guided us through high-level enneagram personality style discovery exercises. Each of us read through 9 personality roles and selected those we identified with the most.

enneagram personality styles.JPG

She suggests that understanding our own personality allows us to better understand who we can connect with at a deeper level while at a conference. Or to help us understand what we need at the end of a long day. A lot can be gained by understanding your own personality, even at a conference.   

Personally, I had to laugh a bit, when the card I seemed to identify the most with was Style 8. You tell me, does this sound like? Am I direct and assertive? Can I be controlling and excessive? Do I have a strong exterior, one that is sometimes intimidating to others (intentionally or unintentionally) that hide a less visible but vulnerable interior

personality style 8.JPG

Interested in learning more about your personality and how it effects all that you do? I'd certainly recommend reaching out to Janice Lewis.

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