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Hey, thanks for stopping by. It's great to have you here. In case we haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, let me tell you a quick bit about myself.

I'm a remote entrepreneur and startup advisor focused on empowering others to bring their ideas to life as a co-founder of Equity Directory

I'm also a current member of the MovingWorlds Impact Team. Over the next few weeks I'll be learning all that I can about social entrepreneurship, global leadership and human-centered design. Come November, I'll take these refined skills and my career experience on the road as an experteer supporting social impact abroad.

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Equity Directory

Are you an early-stage entrepreneur looking for talent or advisors for your team? Are you a freelancer looking to advise or work with a startup in exchange for equity?


Equity Directory empowers, inspires and connects entrepreneurs at global scale by enabling them to develop their talent and promote mutual collaboration and communication — two of the biggest value-added streams for any startup.

— Yohei Nakajima, Director of Pipeline for Techstars

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Travel & Adventures

I travel often and seek out adventures everywhere I go. I'd love to share some of my favorite experiences with you.